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March 23, 2016

JDA Planogram Generator Client (myPG) Brings the Power of Automated Planogram Generation

JDA Software Group, Inc., has created a new single-user software solution called JDAPlanogram Generator Client — or myPG — which delivers the automated space planning capabilities of JDA® Planogram Generator Enterprise™ in a client version. Like the industry-leading JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise, myPG from JDA automatically creates large numbers of optimized, store-specific planograms, taking into account user-defined merchandising instructions, fixtures, assortments and performance data. In a single batch effort, high volumes of planograms can be quickly produced and distributed, freeing planners to focus on category analysis, studying market trends and other activities that [...]

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March 22, 2016

Largest Israeli Retailer Shufersal Partners With JDA Software to Seamlessly Optimize Inventory to Local Customer Demand

Shufersal, the leading supermarket chain in Israel, will implement JDA Category Management solutions to profitably optimize local assortments and meet the diverse needs of Israeli shoppers. Specific solutions chosen by Shufersal include JDA Space Planning, JDA Floor Planning, JDA Planogram Generator, JDA Space Automation,JDA Assortment Optimization and JDA Intactix Knowledge Base. The implementation will be supported by JDA’s regional partners Ewave and Athena Retail.

Established in 1958, today Shufersal is Israel’s largest retail chain, with 275 stores and over 13,000 employees. The company has seven retail formats: Shufersal Sheli neighborhood stores, Shufersal Deal discount [...]

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March 13, 2016

New Capabilities in JDA Flowcasting Attack the Toughest Retail Forecasting Challenges

Extreme demand volatility makes it even harder to accurately estimate the lift caused by promotions and also exacerbates the problem of forecasting demand for slow-moving products — which represent 60 percent of all retail items. Recognizing these challenges, JDA Software Group, announced new capabilities in JDA Flowcasting that empower manufacturers and retailers to create their most accurate forecasts, increasing their ability to profitably sell across multiple channels. JDA Flowcasting enables trading partners to work together from a single forecast and plan to improve profitability, productivity and control. The new solution enhancements are part of JDA’s latest [...]

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March 12, 2016

JDA Creates a More Profitable Omni-Channel Supply Chain

JDA’s Integration with IBM Commerce Helps Ensure Flawless Customer Buying Experiences.Integrated fulfillment capabilities that combine the power of JDA Intelligent Fulfillment and Labor Productivity solutions with Order Management solutions from IBM Commerce. By leveraging this powerful technology collaboration, companies can process orders more intelligently and profitably across sales channels in real-time to ensure customers have a flawless end-to-end buying experience

“The convergence of physical and digital retail has changed how you need to deliver on the customer buying experience. The customer is the new [...]