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San Bernardino Community College District Transforms Human Resources by ADP Vantage HCM

San Bernardino Community College District Transforms Human Resources by ADP Vantage HCM

by HR DeskMay 1, 2016
San Bernardino Community College District Transforms Human Resources by ADP Vantage HCM
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San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD) will be upgrading its human resources and payroll systems by implementing ADP Vantage HCM, making them the first college in the public higher education sector to do so. It has been a strategic goal of the SBCCD business and fiscal services and human resources departments to reduce the time necessary to manage benefits, recruiting, and payroll tasks. The college also sought a compliance solution to help them manage some unique regulatory requirements.

“Our current system is not as efficient as we would like and doesn’t have the capabilities we need,” said Bruce Baron, SBCCD chancellor. “It uses redundant, paper-based processes that require a lot of manual data entry. We’ve found that doing things manually can result in more mistakes, which can impact the entire organization.”

“We want an integrated solution where all our data is in one place; a solution that is efficient and easy for employees to use, and that helps enable their use of mobile technology,” said Jose Torres, vice chancellor of Business and Fiscal Services for the SBCCD. “I wanted us to envision where our district could be if our human capital management solutions made use of the latest technology and expertise. ADP is the provider that can give us those things and help us achieve our vision.”

“And as a government institution, we have a lot of unfunded state and federal mandates that increase the workload for our existing staff,” Baron added. “We needed to find a more efficient way to comply with those regulations without increasing our costs. The Affordable Care Act is good example. Our new system will streamline the process by consolidating this data on a single platform. Payroll taxes will be similarly expedited.”

“SBCCD is at the forefront of technical and cultural innovation, and ADP is delighted to be an intrinsic part of that,” said Dave Imbrogno, president of HR, Payroll and Talent Solutions at ADP. “We’re proud to provide the district with the tools they need to streamline their processes, to give them anytime, anywhere access to important systems, and to help them attain their vision of being a leading provider of educational programs and services.”

As the SBCCD team embarks on this new model, they’re looking forward to certain capabilities that the new ADP Vantage HCM solution will offer employees — capabilities such as being site-compatible with tablets and smartphones to complete time cards, request time off, check employee vacation balances and sick time, and complete work reports.

ADP also is implementing solutions that will help improve HR data analysis and provide transparent workflows. The new systems will allow staff to make more informed decisions using more relevant, up-to-date information.
“We’re looking forward to online workflows that will give us a view into the progress of certain processes,” said Torres. “Once we have workflows online, we’ll see where these requests are in the process and be able to follow up with the appropriate personnel.”

Torres concluded by saying, “Our district values service, efficiency, transparency, and inclusiveness, and we believe this integrated ADP solution will allow us to best serve our community in that manner.”

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