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Decide Software, welcomes submissions of original articles and other editorial content from members of the Big Data, Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management and Personal Software community.

We also invite articles from bloggers of product companies featuring case studies, product updates and functionalities.

Submission guidelines:

  • Minimum of about 700 words to a maximum of about 3,000 words.
  • Focus on case studies, customer success stories, user cases, applications, features of products, market trends with insightful commentary.
  • Use examples, graphics, illustrations, evidence, to support the content.
  • This is no advertisement and please don’t write about your products, services as sales pitch.
  • Only original content. No cross posting.
  • Content is subject to editing.
  • Articles accepted for publication becomes the exclusive property of Decide Software. Reprinting or republication must have prior approval and permission from Decide Software.

To start the process, please send the editor the article via email. If your proposed article is suitable for our audience, we will let you know promptly with in five days and provide additional guidelines if necessary. If you don’t receive response with in five days, we are not interested in the particular content.

For general queries, product review, press release, event submissions, partnership, DMCA or any other query or for more information please contact the editor via email: [email protected]

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